Should I be feeling this way honestly…

how much my life have changed in one year

just exactly a year ago, I was re-introduced to drinking and drugs and within this year, I’ve changed to the point where I don’t even know who I am anymore. I went from crazy night-drinking from back to back nights for 3 months straight to the point where I sold molly to make a living for my drinking habits then I quit the handball team to work but used every single paycheck on k. I went from a 90 average to graduating highschool with a 50 average and skipped prom and graduation, Right now, im struggling in college with a 1.8 gpa because I decided to cop every morning and show up high in class. I honestly don’t even know what I’m doing with my life anymore and I really wish I can turn things around because I feel like I spend everyday of my life right now sniffing and at an internet cafe. I really wish my life can be turned around.. 

already know you’re the one

Didn’t even realized how fast I fell for you. 052413

I really wish you can get over her already :-

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He’s made me fall completely head over heels for him. 

life is hella bad right now. total lockdown.. plus im 18. i just wanna get a real job and start my real life already and move in with him :( finally found someone who truly makes me happy and stands by my side when life is complete hell. someone who can actually makes me happy without actually doing anything. he’s just something special and i’m so glad he’s my side right now.  thanks andy lo. i love you. 

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Falling for someone who you thought you wouldn’t have fell for…1

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first day of work tomorrow. well, training. hopefully it goes well! :x

Where at

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